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The Dabber Dock 3-Pack Combo Kit (Includes Dabber)

The Dabber Dock 3-Pack Combo Kit (Includes Dabber)

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Keep all your dab accessories organized with the Dabber Dock 3-Pack Combo Kit. This 3-Pack Combo Kit contains the newest products from Dabber Dock including the Dabber Dock V2, the Carb Crib V2, a Terp Tray and includes a free metal dab tool. 

The Dabber Dock V2 features an updated design to accommodate horizontal storage of dabbers and a larger catch-all area for falling dabs to help keep your tabletops cleaner. 

The included V2 Carb Crib is now taller to accommodate vertical storage of bubble-style carb caps, UFO-style carb caps, and marbles. 

The Terp Tray is designed to store and organize your terp pearls, valve marbles, and pillars. 

The Dabber Dock Metal Dabbing Tool has two versatile sides; one is a scoop and the other is a pointed tip. 

NOTE: All 3-Pack Combo Kits come with randomly mixed colors. 

Additional Information:


Dabber Dock V2: 1.6”W x 0.52”H

Carb Crib V2: 1.5”W x 0.87”H

Terp Tray: 1.5”W x 0.27”H

Material: High Heat Resistant Silicone

To Clean: Just apply isopropyl alcohol, and rub with a paper towel

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