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Dabber Dock V2 ®

Dabber Dock V2 ®

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Tired of hot dab tools sticking to tabletops and making a big mess? Well say goodbye to the mess and say hello to the Dabber Dock V2! Start enjoying clean, efficient, but most of all effortless dab sessions.

Our new Dabber Dock V2 measures 1.6” wide by .53” high, so it's small enough that it doesn't take up any space. The Dabber Dock V2 is made of high heat-resistant silicone and comes with an updated area to accommodate horizontal storage of your dab tools as well as a larger “catch-all” area for any falling dabs. 

The Dabber Dock V2 comes in several different color choices so you can find the perfect match for your setup.

Additional Information:

Dimensions: 1.6”W x .53”H

Material: High Heat Resistant Silicone

To Clean: Apply isopropyl alcohol, and rub with a paper towel

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