Say Goodbye to Sticky Messes with DabberDock's Essential Dabbing Accessories

Say Goodbye to Sticky Messes with DabberDock's Essential Dabbing Accessories

We've all experienced the moment you're taking a satisfying dab, the last thing on your mind is getting sticky concentrate all over your table or having your carb cap roll off and hit the floor, but here we are again, with broken glass or a sticky table. Unfortunately, these mishaps seem impossible to avoid, and finding a convenient solution can be a challenge.


This is where DabberDock comes in. Offering innovative solutions that address the common challenges faced by dabbers. Dabber Dock emerged from the passion and experiences of Rob Morris, a dedicated advocate of cannabis. Morris who loved the potency and effectiveness of concentrates, soon encountered the challenges posed by their sticky nature. Applying oils to bangers, nails, and other tools often resulted in messy situations that hindered the dabbing experience. Morris invested his efforts into refining the innovative concept, Dabber Dock—a silicone organizer specifically designed for dab tools.

Dabber Docks products offer a practical solution to the persistent issue of keeping dab tools organized and accessible while preventing the mess caused by sticky concentrates. 

The Original Dabber Dock was followed by a few other products designed to enhance your dabbing experience. All Dabber Dock products are made with durable and high heat resistant 100% silicone. This means easy cleaning, and a reliable product that you don't have to ever worry about breaking. 

Let's learn more about Dabber Dock’s essential products.

V1 Dabber Dock

The brand’s flagship product is a small silicone piece with a suction-cop bottom designed to sit anywhere you need it. The Dabber Dock V1 is the perfect dab accessory to protect your counters from carb caps and dabbers that get too hot and sticky after use. Designed to safely hold carb caps and dabbers of any temperature. 

V2 Dabber Dock

The V2 Dabber Dock is the second version of the brand’s flagship product. This updated version has room to accommodate horizontal dab tool storage and comes with a larger “catch-all” area for any dripping oils. 

The Carb Crib 

Dabber Dock also carries the Carb Crib, designed with horizontal and vertical storage to hold any style of carb cap, bubble cap, UFO-style carb caps, marbles and more. 

The Terp Tray 

Dabber Docks Terp Tray is a full silicone dab accessory is designed to organize your terp pearls, valve marbles, and pillars. If you’ve used dab accessories like terp pearls, then you know how easy they are to break, or simply loose. The Dabber Dock Terp Tray is the perfect way to keep your dab accessories well-organized and ready for your next dab! 

If you can't decide what is right for you, then take advantage of the all-encompassing Dabber Dock 3-Pack, which offers a set of all the essential products. This bundle includes:

  • V2 Dabber Dock
  • V2 Carb Crib
  • Terp Tray
  • Bonus: Free Dab Tool


With DabberDocks line of dabbing accessories, you can say goodbye to messy mishaps and concentrate spills. We offer practical tools and accessories that keep your dabbing area clean and organized. So, whether you're a seasoned dabber or just starting your journey, DabberDock offers all the perfect tools for keeping your set up clean and organized. 

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